Hume Hire 1.7 tonne mini excavator hire Lavington

Our 1.7 Tonne Mini Excavator Hire Between Albury and Wagga Wagga

Here at Hume Hire, we supply a wide array of excavators for hire, with our 1.7 tonne mini excavator for hire being the smallest in our range. The 1.7 tonne mini excavator is the most mobile in our excavator hire range as it can tackle small residential projects but can also work in tight access areas. Don’t be fooled by the power of our 1.7 tonne mini excavator for hire as it provides exceptional power as well as pinpoint accuracy to complete any small to medium excavation project you require. Whether you live in Albury to Wagga Wagga or Southern New South Wales, Wodonga, Northern Victoria, and Shepparton, our 1.7 tonne mini excavators have completed projects across the region. Our excavator plant is well maintained and inspected regularly, so if you are looking for a 1.7 tonne mini excavator, contact the team at Hume Hire.

Hume Hire 1.7 tonne excavator hire lavington

  • Zero Turn
  • Expandable Rubber Tracks
  • Tracks Can Be Narrowed to 900mm
  • Mud Bucket and 3 Digging Buckets
  • Ripper Attachment
  • Auger Drive and Augers 150 – 900mm Available
  • Hydraulic Jackhammer/Rock Breaker
  • No Licence Required to Operate

Hume Hire also supplies a range of accessories for our 1.7 mini excavator hire that enables maximum efficiency and performance while also completing many project types. Our 1.7 mini excavator accessories include:

1.7 Tonne Mini Excavator Accessories for Hire in Albury

Maintenance and Reliability of Our 1.7 Tonne Mini Excavator for Hire

Our range of excavators for hire, including our 1.7 tonne excavator for hire is always maintained and regularly serviced to ensure that all damages are mended, and excess materials have been removed from the excavator, so you don’t have to worry. Before each 1.7 tonne excavator hire heads to your worksite, we inspect the excavator to ensure that no breakdowns will occur on your project site. No matter your project scope, Hume Hire have the excavator hire that can complete your project to the highest quality.

Need a 1.7 Tonne Mini Excavator for your next project? Contact Hume Hire

Whether you are located in Albury, Wagga Wagga, Southern New South Wales, Wodonga, Northern Victoria, Shepparton, or surrounding areas, Hume Hire’s range of excavators, including our 1.7 tonne excavator for hire can complete any small residential excavation project with ease. Give the team at Hume Hire a call or fill out our online enquiry form to get a free quote about our 1.7 excavator for hire for your next project.


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