Different projects will require different demands and equipment. That’s why at Hume Hire, we offer trailer hire to fit a variety of projects. We understand the importance of increasing efficiency while getting the most out of your investment. From tip trailers to low loader trailers, end tipper trailers, side tipper trailers, plant trailers, hydraulic tip trailers, flatbed trailers and dollies, we have a large range of transport rental for hire to meet your needs.

We have multiple trailer options to fit any project, large or small. Whether you’re an individual needing a temporary mobile solution or a contractor working on a long-term project, we have you covered.

Hume Hire dollies trailer hire lavington

Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

Our Hydraulic Tipping Trailer is perfect for moving materials such as gravel, bark and dirt. The trailer is fitted with a hydraulic lift that hoists one end letting the contents slide out using gravity. Features of this trailer include:

  • 1.8 x 3m floor space
  •  Has 2.5t capacity (Tare)

We also offer the Rollmaxx Aluminium Plant Trailer and the aluminium mini excavator trailer, along with other tip trailers to save time and complete the job with ease.

Machinery Floats

Our Machinery Floats are trailers that enable you to easily transport heavy machinery. They contain user-friendly features and sturdy equipment to increase job productivity. Features include:

  • Sturdy equipment
  • User-friendly
  • State of the art low loader trailers


We carry a wide selection of dolly trailers that are easy to use and cost-effective. If you need to transport heavy units, this type of trailer hire is always up for the job. Features of our dollies include:

  • Triaxle
  • Tandem axle
  • Rubber or plastic mud guards
  • A range of suspension and axle options
  • Ballrace standard
Hume Hire machinery float trailer hire lavington
Hume Hire tipper-trailer-hire lavington

Freight Trailers

Cost-effective and easy to use, our Freight Trailers are also perfect for heavy unit transport and ready to go those extra miles. They feature:

  • 45′ deck length

  • 3-way container locks available

  • Lower deck container bolsters available

  • Toolboxes and water tanks standard

  • Freight gates available

  • Front load rack standard

  • User-friendly

  • Quality Product to ensure it lasts the distance you’re planning to travel

End Tipper Trailer

The end tipper trailer is a road transport solution designed to deliver quality and meet your operational requirements. It features:

  • Spring or air suspension
  • Various lengths available to suit multiple combinations
  • Roll tarps or retractable tarps
  • Triaxle
  • Air tailgates

Side Tipper Trailer

Our side tipper trailer can dispose of haulage on the move while providing more flexibility and includes:

  • Clean skin bowl design – no cross members = less tare weight and minimised fatigue cracking
  • Heavy duty rock bowls available
  • Option of tarping, suspension and axle systems
Hume Hire side tipper trailer hire lavington
Hume Hire end tipper trailer hire lavington
Hume Hire ow loader freight trailer hire lavington
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